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By definition, a member of a Cooperative (CO-OP) is a member of an organization where individuals join together to make bulk purchases and share in the savings of purchasing together as a group in the CO-OP. MannaMarket is considered a hybrid, purchasing/shared service cooperative by the USDA AMS (CO-OP) in todays standards, even though we operate as CO-OP’s were originally founded. We decided to operate as the founders did.

The goal of shared-services cooperatives and Federated, is to purchase or provide products and/or services for its members at a total cost that is less than the combined costs that individual members would incur themselves. The goal is to generate savings captured through lower administrative costs, quantity purchasing discounts, and assured levels of business with vendors and suppliers. By purchasing cooperatively, we increase the efficiency of the CO-OP buying activities.

MannaMarket decided at formation and we operate very close if not exactly as the 1844 original CO-OP formed by Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society. A shared-services cooperative operates to provide benefits to its members as users, not as investors. While the goal is not to generate a return on investment, operating budgets are developed so expected income exceeds expected operating costs, to break even. A shared-services cooperative, like any other business, needs to cover costs and generate an excess to cover expansion and unforeseen emergencies.

Operations of shared-services cooperatives are financed through capital provided by member owners and debt capital. Ownership capital is defined as the money a cooperative obtains without having a legal obligation to repay it. Initial investments by members are part of that ownership capital. Debt capital is borrowed from financial institutions and the cooperative is legally liable to repay it. Shared-services cooperatives generate income
through their fee structure. Part of the earnings generated when income exceeds costs of operation can be retained by the cooperative as ownership capital. The rest is refunded to members based on their use of, not investment in, the cooperative.

In order for all to share in the vision of the Manna Market CO-OP, we formed the Manna Market Organic CO-OP and Food Hub (“Manna Market CO-OP”) to serve the needs and desires of all the members who come together as members of the Manna Market CO-OP, to effect savings and to obtain superior outstanding Fresh and All Organic Vegetable, Fruits, Dairy, Nuts, Grains, Meats, Juices, Specialty Foods, Essential Oils, Hair, Care, Skin Care, Teeth Care, Cleaning Products, Organic Cosmetics and more, that is not readily unavailable to the average population.

Other additional ways to generate these savings is for members to volunteer to help with the weighing, bagging, and distribution of the produce. Manna Market CO-OP asks that each member volunteer at least 3 times per year to help on pick-up day. Since many of our members have work schedules that prevent them from doing this, we ask that you help in other ways — distributing flyers, recruiting new members, delivering produce, etc. There are other volunteer needs as well, and we can work with you to identify one that fits your schedule.

You must be a members in the Manna Market CO-OP in order join in the CO-OP group as a whole, in obtaining the superior products and savings.

As a member of the Manna Market CO-OP organization, participation presumes a commitment to placing, and paying for, your orders as a Manna Market CO-OP Group. Most CO-OP’s require a 4 to 6 month commitment.Manna Market CO-OP has no upfront fees and it’s policy is that you must notify us in writing 1 month prior to skipping a pick-up or resigning from the CO-OP.. The Manna Market CO-OP Fee is an amount due to be a Member of The Manna Market CO-OP are fifteen percent (15%) of the order selection made by each individual member and are paid bi monthly. There is also a bi-monthly five percent (5%) trans actions examination fee (“T.A.X.F.”) charged to handle costs associated with deliveries, handling of products, credit card purchases fees,communication fees, etc.


We make allowances for a temporary membership fee of one ($1.00) dollar per Manna Market CO-OP distribution day, for prospective members wanting to try out the Manna Market CO-OP. There is no fifteen percent (15%) CO-OP membership fee due from prospective members trying out the CO-OP that come into the distribution point of the CO-OP being 2600 Cherokee Place, Birmingham, Al 35216.

Much of our work is done ahead of time, and this commitment allows us to seek out the best produce at the best price. If circumstances prevent you from providing at least 1 months notice, you are welcome to request that your order be donated to Grace House, a home for disadvantaged and troubled girls located in the western part of Birmingham, or Lovelady Center located on the Eastern Part of Birmingham. Donations to Grace House or Lovelady Center are a regular part of the Co-Ops effort to give back to the community.


Any person or entity that has not signed the Manna Market CO-OP Membership and is pledging funds for the CO-OP to make bulk orders by Filling Out Order Forms; Calling in Orders; Emailing Orders; Mailing in Orders; Texting Orders; is considered actively involved in contributing to the bulk purchases for all the members made by the Manna Market CO-OP and is conducting continued business with the Manna Market CO-OP, thereby in such continued ordering and paying of the Manna Market CO-OP Fees described above herein, or in any other benefit by a member pursuant to this CO-OP Agreement constitutes completed Acceptance as a Member of the Manna Market CO-OP and Approval as a Member of the Manna Market CO-OP Agreement in whole with any and all amendments.


Manna Market may amend the terms and conditions of the CO-OP Agreement from time to time. The changes will become effective thirty (30) days after being first published by the Manna Market CO-OP through official Manna Market CO-OP publications distributed to all active members or posted on an official Manna Market CO-OP website. Amendments shall not apply retroactively to matters that occurred prior to the effective date of the amendment.

By executing the Member Agreement, you agree to abide by all amendments or modifications that Young Living elects to make. If a member is not willing to accept these changes, Manna Market CO-OP must be notified in writing within the 30 days prior to the change being effective. Any continued business, ordering, acceptance of a commission or bonus payout, or any other benefit by a member pursuant to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of this Agreement in whole with any and all amendments.


You are also welcome to have a friend or neighbor pick up your order on your behalf.


We must have guaranteed payment for each order.To do this, we request that each member provide credit card information as a backup to other payment means. This information will only be used by us in the event you fail to make payment for a scheduled pick-up.


By the time you receive the email directing you to place your order on the internet, our order and picking from the Farm and or Associated Farms has already been placed or began. Therefore, it is too late to change the size of your order. This notice is only to give you the opportunity to order Extras. If you need to change your order size for some reason, notice must be given at least 1 week in advance.


We want your experience with MannaMarket to be positive, and have tried to keep rules to a minimum, and make them as simple as possible. You may contact Robyn Mitchell at the Contact Information Below: if you have any questions or comments.

Please print this form, keeping a copy for yourself, and bring a signed copy with you to the next pick-up.

I understand the rules of the MannaMarket Co-Op, and agree to abide by them.




Credit Card Info:

Name on Card:________________________________________

Card Number:_________________________________________

Exp. Date:__________________ 3 Digit Code on back of card:_____________

Billing Address:____________________________________________________


Phone Number: ______________________________________________



To receive additional information on how to adopt an organic lifestyle, please contact us:

Manna Market LLC                                                                                                                  Robyn Mitchell
Managing Member                                                                                               

9340 Helena Road Ste. F – 122                                                                                                          Birmingham, Alabama 25344                                                                                                              Tele: 205-566-2533

Primary Web Page:                                                                               Getting Started Web Page:                                                                           Order Page Direct:

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17 Responses to Joining the CO-OP –

  1. Suzanne Duffey says:

    Do you deliver in Montgomery?

  2. Tammy Williams says:

    I’m trying to sign up for the co-op but it won’t allow me to,fill the form out online. Kaye Sharp, is who told me about the co-op. I’m a client of hers. Can I talk to someone in the morning to be able to participate this month? I would appreciate any help! Thank you in advance!

  3. holly ostendorf says:

    I would like to join the co-op. I have 3 other I treated families as of now in my area. I live in Gadsden, Alabama. I could help coordinate a drop off location if you would like if we don’t qualify for door service or I could leave everyone’s coolers on my porch. I live at 500 wildwood rd gadsden, al 35901. Tell me if any of this would work for us. I’m tired of running to whole foods on my off day:) 2564383802

  4. Alicia says:

    do you have a drop off location in jasper? Thanks!

  5. Theresa Moss says:

    Hi Robyn–there is still no place to “fill in” or print this form. It is just a blank typed page. I have used two web browsers (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) and it won’t work for me. Here is my info though. My email is Please advise when I can place my order. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 🙂

    Theresa Moss
    8006 Old Railroad Bed Rd.
    Ardmore, AL, 35739
    Name on card same
    Billing address same
    exp: 09/16
    CVV 089

  6. Lee Mauldin says:

    Robyn do you have a fax number we can send the order agreement back to you .. Lee Mauldin

  7. Rachel Latham says:

    I want to join please! I have met the vendors at Valleydale farmers market and would love to be a part of the co-op. I don’t really understand how to make my first order though; the website is confusing to me. I see the agreement to print, but how do I order a box? And is there a pickup near Meadowbrook, or the farmers market on valleydale?
    Thank you bunches!
    Rachel Latham

  8. misty morris says:

    I wanna join. I’m not sure how. Confusing. Please help me thanks

  9. Keira Lewis says:

    I am starting to be very conscientious about what I eat these days. I would love to pick up a box but have no idea where to go or when, as I missed the last opportunity on the 20th. Please help!

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