WILL’S PLACE is a Non Profit Organization dba as MannaMarket LLC which dba a Cooperative MannaMarket Organic CO-OP and Food Hub located in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama MSA in Shelby County, Alabama.

WILL’s PLACE was started to serve special needs children and adults with a camp and on site job skill training and teaching center based upon and in the Agriculture Industry of Organic Farming, animals and dairy. We hope to add tree houses, art classes, pottery and molding classes and much more.

Please see: http://www.mannamarket.net

For Information about Will’s Place see: http://mannamarket.co

For Our Mission Statement please see the Mission Statement Tab located on the blog menu browser.

For Our Vision Statement, please see the Vision Statement Tab located on the blog menu browser.

We do look for donations to help these special needs children and adults in the life long endeavor to succeed in becoming somehow or somewhat independent and meaningful producing members of society and through faith in God and Jesus Christ in all the promises given to us all, through the grace of God.

We are looking for Job Coach Volunteers from the young in age all the way through to the senior adults as well. Age has no limits but the elderly are wise due to the lessons learned and experienced from years lived on this planet. Youth has the childlike faith, vigor and promises of life to live ahead in the future and are very helpful as well. We need all who will assist.

If you have any questions, please contact Robyn Mitchell (205) 566-2533


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